pidato b.inggris

20 Mar

NAMA            : AGUNG WIJAYA

KELAS           : IXC

NO.ABSEN    :3


Assalamu’alaikum Wr Wb


I respect teacher and happy friends


Let us climb praise has thanked god Allah Swt that give generously scrumptious- so that we can gather here and on this day i shall submit speech about drug.


In Indonesia drug user total so big, because the weak straightening of law in Indonesia international distributors can cooperate with indonesia citizen and get big profit. narcotics abuse and that another additive substance is sure brings vast impact and complex. as the impact among others behaviour change, well-being disturbance, decreased it work productivity drastically, criminality and act another violence.


drug abuse preventable pass programs accompanying of it follow social activity, doesn’t associate with user or drug distributor, not easy influenced invitation or persuasion to use drug. drug user usually more dominated by adolescent and pupil.


usually also user at school understand right programs school for user prevention or user, we of course anticipate it with as good as they can. as clever as whatever their trick, parable its it squirrel jumps, final fall also. precise avoid school detection really they master, but remember drug character adiktif and claiming dose higher so discipline safe manner will be opened also


For that let us avoid and avoid with come along to remove drug use. the above is true speech that can i submit when there error in saying word, i apologize. for your kind attention i render thanks and i terminate.


Wassalamu’alaikum Wr Wb



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